About This Blog

Michele and Will on 10-10-10

This is the continuing story of how a quinoa and tofu-eating veggie lover and a meat and potato boy from Vermont came to live happily ever after.  I cook a lot of vegan food and my husband, the meat eater, loves it.  He's even been known to call it his comfort food.  It's the perfect experiment for me -- create new and exciting meals with only vegetables and whole grains and test it out on my husband!
I don't think he minds being the guinea pig at all.

We met in 2007 and were married three years later.  We live in a quiet little lakeside community in San Marcos, California, but I dream of moving back to the East Coast someday.  As much as I love 80 degree days in January I miss the seasons too much.  I know, people think I'm crazy for wanting to give up the weather of Southern California.  What can I say?  I was born and raised in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

About this blog:
Some things must be made clear right off the bat:  I don't claim to be a strict vegan, but I cook and eat mostly vegan food.  I don't like meat and I'm lactose intolerant, so it's easiest for me to simply say "I'm a vegan."  I also strongly believe in a vegan diet free of any and all animal products.  By eating this way I feel more energetic, happy and all together healthier.  However!  There have been times when I've been known to order something at a restaurant that isn't necessarily vegan, and when I'm back in my husband's home state of Vermont, I can't help but sample the (lactose free) Cabot cheese. 

In this way, I believe meat and dairy should be reserved for special occasions and used minimally.  For example, In some parts of China, their meals consist mainly of vegetables and only small pieces of meat that are simply used as flavoring for their meals!  Here in America, it's quite the opposite.  Some people even HATE and refuse to eat vegetables!  I just don't even understand how those people can eat meals that don't contain any vegetables.   

Anyway, back to the point.  I'm just saying that in the rare occasion you might see me eat an egg, or piece of cheese, or even a fish dish, don't judge me for not being a true vegan.  It's not about what the rules of being a vegan.  It's about eating a healthy diet of plant based foods.  Just watch Forks Over Knives and you'll see what I mean.