Monday, October 12, 2015

Six Month Review

You know, I've still been taking pictures of my food, but posting on this blog has definitely gone by the wayside.  So in an attempt to catch up, I will post a quick review of the past six months of food.  June-October.

Here we go.  Try to keep up and enjoy!

Swiss Chard rolls


Pasta with farm fresh veggies

Vegan pizza at St. Joseph Pizza in Michigan

Salad; probably straight from the farm stand

This zucchini noodle salad was amazing!

Burrito with fresh homemade salsa

Tomato salad on toast and white bean relish

Favorite summer snack=tomato toast

Another pasta and farm fresh vegetables (a super easy delish meal)

Thought I'd try this out and it's not bad!

Toddler food.

Farm stand loot

Vegan nachos with homemade cashew cheeze

Sweet and sour tofu with soba noodles and bok choy

Yep, pasta again.

Birthday nachos at Native Foods

Another favorite late summer snack... yummmm

Toddler meal

Frozen vegan Daiya pizza

Vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!  AMAZING.

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