Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whole Foods Love

Can I just live at Whole Foods and eat every single meal here?  I love this place so much.  It has provided so many a veggie-goodness meal for me while on my weary travels.

Let's just talk about the salad bar, which is my favorite thing in the whole store.  I usually go crazy here and load up on all the fresh veggies, cous cous salads, tofu, rice, etc.  By the time I'm done filling my little bio-degradable brown carton, the salad ends up costing around the same as a tank of gas for my car.  Costly, yes, but it is indeed fuel for my body.  (Get it?)

Today, by some miracle I managed to stay under a pound at the salad bar.  Sadly, I did have to pass up some yummy looking items, which I knew only added weight (such as the artichoke hearts, garbanzo beans, and grilled tofu squares.)  I did however opt for the addition yellow beets and heirloom tomatoes, hello yum!  I partnered the salad with an organic sourdough baguette and a piece of Lake Champlain dark chocolate!  Perfect lunch satisfaction.  Have I mentioned that I love this store?

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