Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Baby = No Time to Cook

In case anyone has been wondering where I've been, I've recently had a baby and therefore have had no time to cook or blog.  As it is at this very moment, the baby is just starting to stir from her nap, so I'm typing this as quickly as I can before she fully wakes up.  And yes, usually I'm napping when she's napping, but I just had too much on my mind today and couldn't fall asleep.

I have missed cooking and trying new recipes.  Finding time to even just EAT has been a challenge since Baby was born on August 16. 

I am so grateful for my mom who was here at the beginning to cook lots of amazing vegan food for me.  Also, I am so grateful for the many friends who have brought over veggie burritos, vegan salads, frozen vegan burritos and Amy's frozen vegan Mac n Cheese.  One friend even made a huge vegan Mac n Cheese casserole for me!  Thank you everyone for all the delicious and veggie treats and eats!

In other veggie goodness news, as I have found a few minutes here and there to get back in the kitchen, I've managed to make mostly rice, tomato soup, salads, and pasta with red sauce.  Pretty basic, but it's quick and it does the job.  FYI, I'm starving all the time.  Not only do I not have time to cook, I pretty much need quick and easy food that is ready right away for me to chow down.

Will's sister introduced me to Luna bars, which are delicious, and I am obsessed with them now.  I've also snacked on a lot of pretzels, popcorn, dried mango slices, Kind bars, tortilla chips, carrots and hummus. 

We have even managed to venture out to eat a few times; Casa de Bandini for Mexican food, Native Foods for my vegan birthday lunch, and just yesterday we went to San Marcos Pho, which I've been craving for weeks!

As I get more used to the lack of sleep and the baby gets more on a schedule, I am hoping to get back into my adventurous cooking!  As for now, I'm loving my new bundle of joy, and I don't even care if I don't have time to cook, because all I want to do is hold her and love her all the time.

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