Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beans, Beans. They're good for your heart...

A few days ago I was chatting with JT on gmail.  She mentioned something about how she eats beans and rice practically every day.  I said I love beans too, but haven't been eating them much lately because I've been making so many European soups and nutty cheeses lately...

Both of us are Vegan and beans can help provide important daily protein.  I had even just read in a bean cookbook recently that if eat beans on a daily basis, your body will start adjusting and you won't get as much gas from them after awhile.  Also, using dry beans helps eliminate alot of the gassy stuff.

Needless to say, I started getting really hungry for beans and rice.  I told J that she had inspired me, and I HAD to have some kind of beans for dinner that night.  Luckly, I had some dry pinto beans in the pantry, so I boiled and soaked them for a little over an hour.  When they were ready to cook, I added some vegetable broth, onions, garlic, celery, tomatoes and a bunch of spices.  I stewed it all together for awhile so it turned out to be a big bean soup.  YUM!  Of course I made some rice, and chowed down.

Last night, again I was craving beans and rice.  Since I was too hungry to wait for the dry beans to soak and all that, I used a can of natural black beans from Sprouts.  This time I used garlic and tomatoes again, but tried a few dashes of cumin, tumeric, and chilli powder.  My grandma said she used those spices in a bean soup she makes, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Wow!  It was delicious!  I would never have thought to add them to bean soup.  I topped the finished it with more fresh tomatoes and some avocodo slices, and of course a few drops of Tapa Tio.  It was so good, I think I'm going to eat it for breakfast right now.

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