Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roasted Veggies and Mashed Potatoes

"This is the best kind of meal!"  I exclaimed in the kitchen while my husband mashed the potatoes and stirred the veggies that were roasting in the oven.
"Why, because I'm making it?"  He replied.
Well yes that, AND it's a hearty meal of yummy veggies and potatoes, my favorites!  Those things being prepared by the Husband definitely makes it the best meal EVER!  I mean, the picture doesn't even do it justice.  The potatoes were perfect and creamy and spicy with the little bit of Gorilla Garlic and smoked paprika he used.  And the roasted vegetables?  To die for.  If you like vegetables that is, and I do.  This was all sorts of amazing veggie goodness.  He mixed a big bowl of asparagus, brussel sprouts, carrots, onions and garlic together with some olive oil drizzled over with salt and pepper.  Maybe some other spices were added; I don't know, he wouldn't tell me.  :)

We both chowed down on huge plates of everything and then the next day as soon as I got home from work I didn't even warm up the leftover veggies, I just ate them right out of the tupperware container as a snack.  Seriously, so good. 

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