Friday, September 28, 2012

Where have I been?

Well, last week I was on a work trip, so I didn't cook anything then.  This is what I ate while traveling for four days:

--Grape tomatoes
--McDougal's Soup Cups
--Trader Joe's "A Fig Walked into a Bar" breakfast bars
--One lunch at Chipotle
--One dinner at Goji Kitchen in Santa Rosa
--One tofu-mint bruschetta at Sunflower Cafe in Sonoma

This week, I simply made some classic recipes that don't really require much more commentary!  For example,  two of our favorite meals our tostadas and artichokes so you can read about previous tostada dinners here.  As for the artichokes, it's pretty basic.  Boil two large artichokes until the meaty part of the leaves is soft and then peel, dip into a favorite sauce, and eat.  I always make a sauce of vegenaise, dijon mustard, and lemon juice.  Will prefers melted Earth Balance buttery spread with crushed garlic.  He calls artichokes the "vegan lobster."  I'll go for that!

And that is where I've been for two weeks. 

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