Sunday, January 11, 2015

Caesar Salad

Every time I go to Whole Foods to get a salad from their gigantic salad bar, they have all the vegan versions of popular dressings -- Ranch, Caesar, Thousand Island, etc.  I always get a little of each and try different ones with my salad, and they are so good!  Hey, this is a treat to me; I usually just put olive oil and balsamic vinegar on my salads at home.

So for some reason, I had a craving for a vegan Caesar salad.  Yes, a typical Caesar salad is not even close to being vegan OR vegetarian!  All it consists of is romaine letter, croutons and dressing, but the dressing has milk AND anchovies in it, and the croutons are baked with cheese in them.  Literally all I could eat in a Caesar salad is plain romaine lettuce.  BOOOORR-ing.  But I was thinking of that vegan Caesar dressing at Whole Foods, and I really wanted it with some cold crisp romaine and crunchy croutons.

I knew the Skinny B** cookbook had a recipe for it, and maybe I've even made it before?  I can't remember.  I first checked the aisles at Sprouts and they did NOT have vegan Caesar dressing or any non-dairy croutons.  So of course I just got all the ingredients to make my own.

(Angels singing)

I mean, this is seriously so good, I've already made Caesar salad two days in a row.  Even Will, who usually just eats his obligatory small bowl of salad, chowed down second helpings of this on both days too! I must get more romaine today so that we can have another heavenly salad.  And I'm going to be eating Caesar salads all week.  Yum.  Oh and in the picture, I made pesto potatoes too.  

Here is the recipe from the Skinny B** cookbook.  (I keep it clean on this blog, but I seriously love these girls and their cookbook.  Sorry for the bad photos, but it's easier than typing it all out.  Just go buy their book!)

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