Sunday, March 22, 2015

Toddler Food Fail

I was so proud of myself for this toddler supper.  Oh I thought I was so hip and cool.  I knew I was taking a risk though -- this is all completely new food to Little R, but she's a pretty good eater so I thought it would be a hit.

--fresh rutabaga, gently boiled to soften, with fresh shredded spinach on top
--zucchini noodles, gently boiled to soften, with turmeric and cumin to add flavor (I see the downfall here)
--purple corn tortillas with a homemade garbanzo bean spread (garbanzos, lemon, olive oil)
--garbanzo beans

This is what Little R did:  she went around the plate placing one of each of the items in her mouth, making a face, and promptly spitting it out/scraping her tongue with her fingers. Okay, I get it!  You really do not like this food!  (I'm thinking the turmeric and cumin were too much.)

Even the beans and spinach were spit out, and she normally eats those things no problem!

Luckily I had a back-up plate of tri-color quinoa pasta waiting.  Never fails. I also spread coconut peanut butter on the rest of the tortilla and she of course gobbled that right down with a hefty glass (sippy cup) of almond milk.  I sneakily added the spinach shreds to her bowl of applesauce mixed with chia.  And there we go. 

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