Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011's first healthy-eating menu

Every Sunday I do my grocery shopping for the week. Before I go to the store I make a daily menu.  I understand this might make me seem slightly obsessive-compulsive and more organized than I really am.  The truth is I just really like food and I like to cook.  Consequently, I actually really like planning our meals for the whole week!  It's also great because my husband likes to cook too, and when he sees what the menu is for the week, he can get it started while I'm still commuting home after work! 

This is our menu for the week.  (I don't assign them to a certain day so we can still have a little bit of flexibilty and spontaneity.)  Stay tuned for more detailed explanations.

1.  Stuffed Shells
2.  Caulifower Bake
3.  Roasted Shitakes and Baked Tofu
4. Split Pea Soup

"Egg" Salad
Mock Chopped Liver
Bean Salad Wraps
Roasted Garbanzo Beans

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