Monday, January 17, 2011

Raw Food Cleanse

This week W and I are doing a raw food diet.  We are on day two and this is what we've been eating so far: 

Lots of veggies.  This is easy, because I already eat tons of these on a daily basis.  Now, it's just that instead of these for snacks -- it's our meal.  I had to post three pictures of the vegetables because they are so colorful and pretty!

For breakfast we are using our Sharper Image juicer to make huge glasses of fresh fruit juice.  This morning we used five oranges, a grapefruit, a pear and a mango to make these delicious drinks.  We also added a banana at the last minute which made it extra smooth and sweet.

I just thought I'd post a picture of our fridge, because it is jam-packed with veggie goodness, and although it looks like a jumbled mess, it just proves how hard-care we are with the raw foods this week.  The container on the top left of the fridge picture is full of something called "Liquid Gold Elixer."  It's from a raw food diet book and it is amazing.  I put a bunch of freshly squeezed lemon juice in a blender with raw soy sauce, honey and garlic.  We put it on our fresh salads, and it is so tart and garlicky and good!  I'm going to make this every week for our salads!

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