Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week in Review

As it turns out, I sometimes get too ambitious about my dinner menus for the week.  Especially when I made it last week -- I had been on Holiday vacation for about 10 days and had apparently forgotten how late I usually get home from work and how exhausted and starving I am.  Whoops.  Even last night when I was going to spend some time stewing the split pea soup, I realized it would go even better with some freshly made bread from my bread machine.... but by that time it was almost six o'clock and it takes about four hours for the bread to mix, rise, and bake.  I decided to just do the whole meal on Sunday.

So what did we eat this week?  Well, I already explained the quick but delicious pasta and salad dinner.  The day before that we whipped up some chinese stir-fry with mock duck.   You can find this ingredient in cans at Asian supermarkets.  However, it's probably not the healthiest thing in the world due to high levels of sodium found in all canned foods.  Hey, but it's better than the real duck alternative, right?  We added a frozen Asian vegetable mix to ours.

Last night, since the split pea soup was postponed again, we made fresh guacamole and quesadillas with Daiya vegan chedder cheese.  This stuff is pretty awesome.  It melts just like real cheese, and it's very smooth and creamy.  I hadn't used it to make quesadillas yet, but I thought they turned out great.  So yummy with some Tapa Tio and the guac.

Let me just take a moment now to talk about this device I used to make the most delicious, perfect guacamole ever.  It's called the Tupperware Chop n Prep.  We received it as a wedding gift from one of my friends who sells Tupperware, and it is amazing.

For guacamole --  I put the onions, tomatoes, jalepeno's, peppers, and even avacadoes in there.   Of course, not all at the same time, but as much would fit in there at a time.  It minced and chopped everything up so perfectly, that all I had to do was mix it all together in a big bowl with a few sqeezes of lime juice and a dash of salt!  Did I mention it was the best guamacole EVER?
(Okay, I know this is a stock photo from the internet, but I swear this is exactly what our guac looked like.  Lime and fresh jalepenos and everything!)

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