Friday, July 15, 2011

Vegan Week in Review

Due to an extremely busy week, I didn't have much time to make any fancy dinners this week.    Also, I decided I'm not buying any groceries until next Friday so it's a "eat-whatever-is-in-the-pantry-fridge-and-freezer" time.  However, that doesn't mean we didn't still love our veggies.  This is what a busy, grocery-store-free week looks like for the Veggielover:

Lunch = Leftover Red Beans and Rice 
Dinner = Alphabet and star pasta with homemade tomato, basil, and garlic sauce.  And steamed broccoli.  Yum!  This last minute pantry and fridge throw-together meal turned out to be delicious!

Lunch = Free lunch at the School of Business.  It was build your own taco salad, nice!  ("Haystacks" for those in the know.) 
Dinner = I had a hair appointment after work which I correctly anticipated would last until 9:30 at night, so I packed a salad that quickly I ate in the car before heading into the salon at 6:30.

Lunch = National French Fry Day!  I celebrated with the never-ending basket of fries at Red Robin.   They're vegan, I checked.  (Fried in a separate fryer.)

Dinner =  Wednesday nights are bowling league, so I always pack a brown bag dinner to eat at the alley if I don't have time to make something quick before.  This time it was an avocado sandwich on sprouted wheat bread with Vegenaise.  Mmmm, delicious.  However, I was gently scolded by the bowling alley worker, B, that we're technically not allowed to bring outside food in.  Loving husband, W, stood up for me and protested that since I'm vegan I can't eat the "free" pizza that comes with our weekly game, and therefore have to bring my own food.  B took compassion and said to just keep it on the DL from now on.  Yeah, last week when I brought in the huge bag from Panera you didn't say anything, so I think I'm good.  Thanks.

Lunch = Salad from home at 11:30 and three vegan hot dogs (no buns) at the office picnic at 2pm.  Also, a few tortilla chips with salsa.  I was too busy organizing the picnic to eat much. 
Dinner = The husband took over this meal, hoorah!  Fresh corn on the cob, grilled, and rice seasoned with our new favorite seasoning, Zatarain's.  Chopped avocado and cilantro on the side. 

Hey, I think we did pretty good for busy week!  Not too shabby for this vegan household.

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  1. My roommate in college used to mash up avocado and serve it mixed into white rice with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lime juice. It's like the best comfort food ever. Your dish reminds me of it!