Friday, July 1, 2011

Fakin' Bacon

My husband sent me an email while I was at work yesterday.  I think we should make vegan BLT's.

Okay, I replied.  Where did that come from?  I didn't question him though.  If he was actually requesting something vegan, I was happy to oblige. 

Now as we know, the B in BLT stands for bacon, so I needed to find a vegan substitute for that.  Most fake bacon's actually have egg and milk in them, so you have to do a little bit more searching for an actual vegan bacon.  The only kind I have found are the Lightlife brand.  They don't look as cool as the Morning Star brand, but they taste pretty good, and of course they are egg and dairy free. 

W advised that, "crispiness is the key," so I fried them for about six minutes on a skillet.    

Next up, you have the L (lettuce) and T (tomato).  We used romaine and hot house.

Spread some bread with Vegenaise, and pile up the BLT.  I used whole wheat bagel thins, and W used just regular whole grain bread.  The result was a delicious, filling, healthy sandwich!  The husband nodded his approval with stuffed cheeks, and I suggested we need to eat sandwiches more often.  This was such an easy, yummy lunch, can we have more please?


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