Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Week in the Life of a Busy Veggie Lover


11:00am -- Have a ton of fresh veggies and am not going to be home for the next three days.  Can't count on The Husband to make fresh salads for himself while I'm gone, so I better make a gigantic one now.  Have some for lunch before I leave, take a to-go container for dinner tonight, and leave some for Will to eat tomorrow.

7:30pm  -- Still working at the registration table for college event.  Everyone else is taking shifts to go eat in the cafeteria, but not me!  I have my trusty, healthy, plentiful salad I packed for dinner.  Mmmmm, yum....


7:15am -- Breakfast in the cafeteria with 100 visiting high school students and the rest of my coworkers.  What's for breakfast?  Tater tots, scrambled tofu, rice and fresh pineapple.  Not too bad actually.  Our cafeteria is pretty good.

11:00am -- Back in my office between campus tours for a quick email and phone catch-up.  So exhausted... Need fuel.  Snack on the yellow bell pepper I cut up yesterday. 

1:00pm -- Lunch in the cafeteria with same 100 visiting high school students.  More rice, this time with beans on top of tortilla chips and layered with salad.  You have to be creative in the cafeteria, but they have a pretty good selection to choose from.  The fresh salsa is delicious!

3:00pm -- Scarf down a packet of sundried tomatoes in my office before two hours of financial estimates start.

5:00pm -- Help set up for banquet and snack on chips in salsa back in the kitchen.

8:00pm -- It's my shift to eat, but all the food is layered with cheese, so I just eat more chips and salsa and some dry salad.  It's not good, but I'm pretty much too exhausted to care or even be hungry.


7:15am  -- Another breakfast in the cafeteria.  Same thing as yesterday.  I ate a french toast stick too, but after four hours of sleep I don't even care anymore.  Just need food...

12:00pm -- Finally the students have gone home and I've had a few minutes to sit in my office and just stare out the window.  A few of us tired recruiters eat lunch in the cafeteria again.  I don't even remember what I ate.  I think I rolled up a tortilla with some beans and spinach and more fresh salsa.

6:30pm -- Back home!  I'm about to fall asleep standing up, but I must watch the Oscars!  I've refrained from all social media and internet usage so I wouldn't be spoiled.  I collapse on the couch while Will makes me an Oscar party dinner of garlic french fries, popcorn, and veggie pot stickers.  Amazing.  I love him.


I warned my boss yesterday that I might be a little late.  I sleep in until 7:00 (instead of 5:45) and we go to our favorite bagel place for breakfast.  The owner exclaims when we walk in "Where have you been?!"  I love that we've been missed!


"What are we having for dinner?"  Will asked.
"Pasta and salad?"  I said.  That seemed easy enough after this hectic week.  I had a bag of "Potpourri" pasta from Sprouts and a jar of my favorite pasta sauce from Trader Joes.  I added some Tofurky Italian Sausage, and within 20 minutes we had a wonderful, last minute dinner.


What can you eat at Tomiko if you're a veggie-lover?  How about miso soup with a side of rice, seaweed salad, edamame, one veggie roll, and one cucumber roll?  Not too shabby my friend, not too shabby.

The end.

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