Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winter Weekend at a Cabin in the Mountains

Sitting down to St. Patrick's Day Dinner!

Last weekend a bunch of us headed into the mountains of Southern California just in time for an epic winter storm!  The whole weekend we made tons of food including this wonderful dinner of two kinds of Irish stew.  Lauren, of Irish descent, made the classic Beef and Guinness stew, while I (of Czech descent in case anyone is wondering) made a veggie version which contained tempeh instead of beef.  Monica made an amazing Roquefort salad and brought some fresh rolls of bread.  It was a feast!  There's nothing like good homemade food on a cold winter's night in a cabin with good friends. 

For my veggie stew, I didn't follow a recipe or write down what I did, but basically I threw the following ingredients into a big soup pot and simmered for an hour. 

Brussel sprouts
Canned tomatoes
Fresh tomatoes
Vegetable broth
Frozen peas
Garlic Salt
Black Pepper

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