Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pesto Pasta

Alright!  We brought Pasta Sunday's back!  That has not happened in a long time, I must say.  I'm not sure why, but like I've said previously, I just have been in a very strange, uninspired mood with my cooking lately.

Anyway, on Friday I went to Seaside Market in Cardiff and they had samples of this stuff called "Chimpesto."  I never really got an answer as to why it's called that, but it's REALLY good, and totally vegan, so I had to buy some to make pesto pasta.  It's way easier than trying to make it myself, because, for one -- whenever I try to make pesto it just never turns out right.  I don't know why.  Also, I have bad luck with keeping herbs alive and growing in my kitchen, so I stopped bothering and rarely have fresh basil on supply.

I made half a package or whole wheat bow-tie pasta and when that was done, I added some hearts of palm and artichoke hearts, and piled on the "chimpesto."  I made some fresh garlic bread and sliced some heirloom tomatoes for the side.  Oh, and I actually did have a half-dying basil plant leftover from something else I made, so for garnish I added a nice little basil leave on the tomatoes.  Voila. 

Will thought I was actually making the pesto myself, and when he saw the package he said I cheated, but hello, that did not stop him from practically eating the whole pot and barely leaving any for me.  So I think there were no complaints coming from that department. 

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