Friday, February 22, 2013


 There's not much to say about these.  I've made them before, and I'll make them again.  I just wanted to post these because the pictures were so great!  (I mean, isn't your mouth watering just looking at them?)

 Tacos are an all-time favorite in our household because we can each make our own how we like with different toppings, and they are always spicy and delicious.  To add to the fiesta, I went to El Nopalito's Market to get some authentic Mexican toppings like tomatillos and their homemade fresh chips and salsa.

For the tacos, this time I used La Tortilla Factory Hand Made Style Green Chile tortillas, which are AMAZING!  They are a mix of corn and whole grains and green chile's, and they are perfect for taco night.  Yum.

Black Beans
Tomatillos (canned)
Jalapeno peppers (canned)
Heats of palm
Daiya Vegan Cheddar
Fresh salsa
Tapa Tio

One more pic to make you drool


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