Friday, April 1, 2011

March 31.

A bunch of us at work today decided to get lunch together. As we were driving away from our building, we realized we hadn't decided where to go.

There was talk of Mexican food of some kind, but we couldn't decide which Mexican restaurant... D, who was driving, took a wrong exit on the way to Rubio's, and that's when I saw a new sign in one of the shopping plazas. "There's a Korean/Japanese place!" I shouted from the back street, but didn't really think anyone else would want to go. To my surprise the others heartily agreed! Yay! My favorite food ever! Korean AND Japanese.

As it turned out, it was only Korean food. I even asked the server where the Japanese food was on the menu. That was okay with me! I was going to get Korean anyway. The server did point out all the vegetarian items, and I was extremely pleased when she said the Kimchee jigae was vegetarian! It's usually made with pork, and they'll take the pork out if requested, but it kinda defeats the point since they literally just scoop out the pork from your bowl before serving you. I can always taste it. I know.

This time, it was REALLY a fresh bowl of vegetarian jigae soup; I was ecstatic!
The banchan were equally fresh and tasty, and we asked for more of the marinated broccoli and kimchee of course. I am definitely going to be returning to this place for lunch again and again.

I am super impressed with "Country BBQ Korean BBQ Restaurant!" New favorite lunch spot for sure.

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