Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 30.

Today is bowling league night! Every Wednesday we go to the Pizza, Poker and Bowling league at the local alley. With our weekly low fee, we get two free practice games to use on any other day during the week, and a pizza with our league games. Pizza. Yay. As we know, I've been eating a lot of veggie pizza's no cheese this month. That's great and all, but dough with tomato sauce starts getting old after awhile.

Usually on bowling nights, I order two slices of the pizza to be the typical "veggies no cheese, with crushed red pepper on the side, please." You know, just to fit in with the rest of my team so we can all bowl and eat pizza together! Yay, team spirit!

Tonight I said, I don't think so. No more boring pizza for me. Instead I made a yummy, healthy veggie wrap ahead of time and stored it in a baggie in my purse until pizza-eating time.

Here is my recipe for a delicious, filling wrap:

On a whole wheat wrap, spread a thin layer of vegenaise.
Next add three slices of Yves veggie deli meat. I like the ham or salami.

Then, cut up some slices of Follow Your Heart chedder cheese and spread them on the tortilla wrap.

Finally, add some fresh spinach, cucumbers, and sliced tomatoes! Roll it all up, cut in the middle and you have a perfect dinner (or lunch) ready for wherever you want to eat it! Great for the bowling alley!

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