Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vegan Sushi

I love Japanese food.  Whenever I suggest going to sushi or Japanese food, everyone looks at me like I've lost my mind.  "What can you eat there?!"  They ask incredulously.  Well, there is actually a lot of options for me at Japanese restaurants.  For one, there's rice.  Need I say more?  For another, you can always ask the sushi chef to make any kind of veggie roll you want.  I usually get a cucumber roll and an avocado roll, or I'll mix it up and get cucumber AND avocado together in one roll!  Not only that, most Japanese places have several vegetarian rolls listed on their menu now!  There are so many choices!

The other night on a work trip with W, we found a sushi place in Scotts Valley called Rumble Fish.  I was eagerly anticipating my usual cucumber and avocado goodness, but when I looked at the menu they had something called "Vegan Roll."  I mean, I had to get it -- it said VEGAN in the name of the sushi roll!  Right? 

Basically it was the cucumber, avocado roll with shitake mushrooms added.  Yum.  It was exactly what I wanted after a day of traveling.  4 stars for Rumble Fish.

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