Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve Dinner

On the menu for our New Years Eve Dinner:

Mashed Potatoes
Chick-Pea Patties
Shitakes En Papillote
Steamed Artichokes

Last year we had tried to go to a fancy, romantic dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants and it was a disaster; even though we had a reservation, we still had to wait over an hour and by the time we sat down we felt rushed because of all the people hovering in the entrance waiting for us to finish.  Eventually we packed up our food and took it home to finish our New Years Eve in comfort!

This year we just decided to start at home and never even deal with the madness of restaurants on NYE.

It was! relaxing and amazing to have a fancy, romantic dinner at home with The Husband!  While we were cooking, he priced out everything as if we were ordering these items at a restaurant and it came out to be quite a lot of money we saved by staying in!  :)

Anyway, for the chick-pea patties and shitakes "en papillote," I used recipes from Whole Living Magazine.  Click here and here for those recipes and note that I used an egg replacer for the chick-pea patties, therefore it did not stick together very well but was still delicious.  As you can see I placed it on top of a Romaine leaf and added a roasted yellow pepper and some red onion slivers.  Yum. 

W made these and he added smoked paprika!  BTW, it was amazing.

Shitakes "en papillote."  It literally means, wrapped in paper.

And then you open up the paper and eat! 

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