Monday, October 6, 2014

Pumpkin Day 6

Pumpkin chia pudding. Hmm that's interesting.  Usually I make my chia pudding with fresh strawberries.  This definitely tastes more like fall and fulfills my pumpkin quota for the day.  Now chia pudding is not for everyone.  I happen to love it, but it is a bit "strange."  I don't think I've ever had tapioca pudding, but I've heard that's what it's like in consistency.  Chia pudding is full of nutritious stuff and when made with almond or coconut milk is just a whole bowl of healthy delicious goodness.

Here's a picture of my pumpkin version.  By the way, I'm not super impressed with how my photos are turning out lately, but taking them and blogging on my phone is so fast and easy.

Recipe is from PaleOMG.

I didn't add protein powder and I used maple syrup instead of honey.

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