Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pumpkin Day 5

Even though it was still close to 100 degrees again today I had this giant pumpkin sitting on my counter and I just had to use it.  So I roasted it for the soup.  And it made a ton of soup.  I'll be eating it for lunch all week thats how much it made.  But that's fine!  It's pumpkin time!

By the way, I should just point out that I finally downloaded the blogger app for my phone and that's how I've been posting the past 4 times and today.  Just FYI.

Okay so back to this roasted pumpkin soup. I had envisioned something totally different than what actually turned out.  But it was still pretty good.  The pumpkin was not orange at all, which kind of threw me off, and it tasted more like potato.  In essence, this was pretty much a potato, vegetable soup reminiscent of cold winter nights with my moms cooking growing up. That's not a bad thing.

No recipe here, just a bunch of veggies and spices thrown in a big pot with some roasted pumpkin.  (Is it supposed to be yellow?  I'm so confused.  I feel like I've made pumpkin stuff before from fresh pumpkin and it hasn't been so yellow.)

Oh and I made my pumpkin spice coffee again this morning.  Yummy.

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