Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Day 25

Okay, I know I know.  We've seen both of these pumpkin products this month already.  But seriously, this is hard!  I barely have enough time to make a well balanced meal three times a day plus healthy snacks for my fast-growing toddler, let alone meals for the grown-ups that include PUMPKIN?!  I'm trying my best here.  Believe me.  I was all set to make these pumpkin-pie power ball things I saw on someone's facebook page, but when I got out all the ingredients, I didn't have walnuts or almonds.  Annoying.  So that will be for tomorrow after I have a chance to go to the store for ingredients. For today I promise I did eat my toast with pumpkin butter on it this morning, and for a lunch time pick-up I enjoyed some pumpkin spice coffee. 

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