Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Day 26

So I bought this bag of already cut pumpkin cubes at Trader Joes and they did not work.  The whole bag of them smelled sour when I opened it.  I thought maybe that's just how raw pumpkin smells?  But I tried cooking a test batch and it tasted terrible.  No good.

Luckily I had this thing called a golden nugget squash that looks enough like a little pumpkin that it will work for my pumpkin day today.  Because I really wanted to to make this recipe from my new Martha Stewart magazine.

The recipe actually called for butternut squash but of course I was going to substitute pumpkin or, as it turned out, this golden nugget squash.  Mmm, mmm!  This was so delicious!! It even got a vigorous approval from the Husband.

Orecchiette With [Pumpkin] and Sage 
November 2014, Martha Stewart

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