Saturday, June 25, 2011

Amazing Food Cooked by G

I'm visiting my close friend of almost fifteen years this weekend and she has made the most amazing vegan food for me! G is the one that introduced me to Korean food way back when we were roommates in boarding school even before college!  In our tiny little dorm room, we had a rice cooker and hot pot so we could make raman and rice and eat it all with seaweed.  Mmm, seaweed...  We roomed together again in college and continued our tradition of rice, ramen and seaweed in the dorm.  It was a nice break from cafeteria food, and a fun thing to do together when we were in desperate need of a study break.

Many years later, we are still cooking food together, but this time in her and her husband's new home!  Actually, it was more like G cooking food, while I just followed instructions as her sous chef.

She made fried tofu with Thai basil, Korean vegetarian meat, peppers, and snow peas all sauteed in a mushroom sauce with garlic and basil.
G's amazing stir-fry

Korean Vegemeat

For the side dishes, G served steamed yellow string beans and Chinese broccoli; along with vegetable dumplings. 

Of course there was rice and seaweed as well.

It was all so good, I literally could not stop eating!  I felt myself getting very full, but I wanted to eat more and more!  I practically demolished the entire tofu/vegetable stir-fry dish it was so amazing and delicious.

Thank you G for the wonderful dinner!

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