Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make-Your-Own-Burrito Night

This is how we make our own burritos in our house:

1. Make a pot of beans.
Depending on how far ahead I've planned this meal depends on whether or not I use dry beans or canned beans. This time, I thought of it only on my way home from work, so canned beans it was. I added some soy-beef-bits, onion, chili powder and cayenne to spice it all up a little bit.

2. Chop of a bunch of burrito-worthy veggies.
Here, you see I have provided lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos, and onions. Oh, and some green olives still in the jar. Some people in our house like to make two burritos at a time (it's not me) so they mix and match from all the toppings to make two uniquely different "little burros." (They also like to make the burritos "wet" style and smother them with salsa and Daiya cheese, but that's another story.)

3. Pile everything -- bean, veggies, salsa, Daiya cheese, etc. -- onto a flour tortilla. Try to roll tortilla into a burrito.

I tend to get excited with the filling, which makes actually rolling it into a burrito a little difficult. The fun part is just digging in and eating it as fast as possible before it unrolls and drips out the bottom of the burrito!

Mm, Mm, Good!

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