Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bibim bap? Not quite.

I found a recipe on quarrygirl's blog for a vegan bibim bap. I think we can all agree that Korean food is probably one of my top 3 favorite foods, so I was excited to try this out.

Granted, I'm more of a kimchee soon dubu soup gal, but I'll get bibim bap every once in awhile too. It's actually already vegan if you just ask them to leave the egg and meat off.

Anyway, I tried the recipe at home because it included how to make a Korean BBQ-style soy meat and a tofu "fried egg."

Well.... I didn't exactly have all the ingredients, so improvised on the side dishes. They didn't really come out right because I stir-fried them like you would with Chinese food, and that kind of defeated the point.

However, the soy BBQ beef was AMAZING. It tasted really close to actual Korean BBQ beef. It was even a little crispy and smokey-flavored. YUM! One hip-hip-hooray in that area.

I'll definitely use the recipe for the beef again, but the tofu "fried egg" was kinda gross, and the rest of the vegetables just tasted like stir-fry. Overall, I'll give it a half shoulder shrug and a grunt.

Recipe from

BBQ “beef”

Dried soy beef slices “Thit Chay” from an Asian market (or 4 plain wheat gluten sausages, sliced thin)
2 squares of vegan beef bullion
1 tsp of liquid smoke
2 tbs black mushroom soy sauce (black soy adds the dark color of beef)
1 stp garlic powder (or fresh)
Red pepper flakes to taste
1/4 brown sugar
2 c water

Put everything but the fake meat in a large sauce pot and bring to boil, reduce heat, add the “meat” and simmer on medium until the broth is evaporated and the “meat” begins to stick and burn to the bottom. Fight the urge to rescue it! The little bit of burnt will add give it a realistic bbq flavor. Then pour in a half cup of water and let the burnt edges loosen from the sauce pan. Drain and squeeze the meat, return to pot and set aside.

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