Thursday, June 2, 2011

International Food Fairs

I love these kind of things! Tons of food booths in one area, all serving delicious food the represents their country? Yes, please.

Okay, so most of the featured ethnic foods were some kind of meat product, but don't get me wrong -- there was also enough vegan dishes to completely satisfy this vegan foodie.

First up - Lebanon. We were ravenous by this point, so this was the first booth we saw. We quickly ordered the stuffed grape leaves and gobbled them down before even seeing what other countries were around. Mmmm, mmmm, good.

Still starving we just went to the next booth on the row -- India! This had been what I was waiting for, because I was positive they would have samosas. And they surely did. We ordered the samosa combo plate which came with chana masala and jasmine rice. This was by the best food of the day.

Feeling much less starving after visiting Lebanon and India, we finally decided to wander around and see all the countries represented. There were at least 20 countries. What to try next?!

Two hours later we had sampled cuisine from Spain, Italy, China, Czech, Ukraine, Ireland, and the good ole USA. All delicious. Here is the Varenyky and Kapusta from Ukraine (totally vegan, I asked!)

Events like this are just the best aren't they?

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