Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taco Bell Love

I do not condone eating at any fast food restaurant ever... EXCEPT my beloved Taco Bell. The Bell and I go way back. Way back to when I had my tenth birthday party at a Taco Bell in New Jersey. Back in the 80's these Mexican-themed fast food joints were hard to find on the East Coast, so when we found one anywhere within 50 miles of where we lived, we celebrated big time. As in, tenth birthday big time.

A little more than twenty years have passed since that birthday, and my love for Taco Bell still reigns. I know, I know... it wouldn't exactly be classified as THE MOST HEALTHY thing in the world to eat, but in a pinch, Taco Bell will do just fine. It's a lifesaver when I'm traveling and need to eat something fast in the car in between business events.

I was always afraid that the rumors might be true and their beans would in fact not be vegetarian... but, alas, I just confirmed yesterday that their beans and tortillas are completely animal free and VEGAN! Hurrah! Also, their sauce packets are vegan (Phew! because I collect those things like they're going out of style) and their Mexican rice and gaucamole is even vegan! So, you could get a 7 layer burrito with no cheese or sour cream and be worry free.

To celebrate, I took my husband out for dinner at the local TB just down the street. (Oh how easy they are to come by now...) And we loaded up on Taco Bell goodness for under ten bucks! What!

I was debating the 7 layer like I just mentioned above, but I stuck with my 99 cent fresco bean burrito and tostado, fresco style. Yum.

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