Friday, March 11, 2011

March 10. Day 10.

I have been traveling for ten days already, only eighteen more to go. It's getting kind of exhausting finding healthy food on the go. Today for lunch I knew K and D would be doing their own thing; there were no more left-overs, and I had eaten all my frozen Amy's burritos. What to do, what to do! I had W back at the house too. I was reluctant to get another ten dollar salad at Whole Foods, and was almost tempted to just get a bunch of Fresco Bean Burritos at Taco Bell. Okay, I know Taco Bell is part of the dreaded Fast Food Chain, but those Fresco Bean Burritos are so good! And apparently they only have 300 calories each and something like 9 grams of fat each. I don't know, I don't count calories. But all it is is beans, sauce, and tomato/onion salsa. Good. I'm afraid to look up what the exact ingredients are because I might find out the beans aren't vegetarian...

Anyway, I decided against Taco Bell after all and chose Subway instead. Seems a little healthier right? I got the veggie five-dollar footlong on honey wheat bread. Took half of it back for W and there was lunch. Cheap and pretty good for you too.

By the way, today is our five-month wedding anniversary! We decided to celebrate by eating dinner at a restaurant of our favorite food genre lately -- Korean Soon Dubu! We LOVE Korean food! As we have already seen this month, I got Korean takeout last week when I was by myself. This was much more fun with W. We found a great little place in South San Francisco right by our hotel by the airport. It was packed and we were warmly welcomed by Mom herself. Oh, the name of the place is "Mom's Tofu House."

I got my all-time fave - Kimchee Soon Dubu with mushrooms and veggies. It was one of the best I've had yet. The mushrooms were amazing. I'm picky about my mushrooms and when they put portabelos in the Soon Dubu it totally ruins it. Not this time, they only used the best mushrooms. Yum. The ban chan was fresh and perfect. I asked for more of the kimchee of course and gobbled up the seaweed salad, pickled root and broccoli. The menu said a recent study found kimchee to be one of the healthiest foods in the world! I'll have to check up on that later... but for now, I agree it's one of the tastiest.

I really should just live in Korea, because I could probably eat Korean food every day for every meal. Japanese food too... mmmm.

How am I still hungry??!

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