Friday, March 4, 2011

March 3. Day 3.

Breakfast – Wheat toast and banana from hotel breakfast. Mushy apple in car. Sun-dried tomatoes.

Lunch – Togos? Never tried it. Tried it. Half salad, half sandwich. Garden Market salad and Avocado, cucumber sandwich on honey wheat bread. Grossed out by the fact that server went back to kitchen to get more cucumbers and immediately brought them back, cut them in front of me without peeling and put them in my sandwich. It’s okay, he probably washed the cucumber in the back… right? I took half of it out of my sandwich.

Dinner – BEST EVER! Visiting friend in the big city and he took us to an all vegetarian/vegan restaurant in something called Fort Mason, an old military base on the cities waterfront. Healthy food bliss! Once again, everything on the menu was edible by me! I love this part of the state! Why isn’t it like this in the part I live?

Anyway, I wanted to order one of everything, but managed to narrow it down to the Winter’s Roasted Potato Soup for my first course and the Artichoke Sunchoke au Gratin for the second. I don’t even know what Sunchokes are but they were delicious. I practically licked my plate clean. No joke. Looked over at W and he had only picked out his pasta and left all the veggies! If his didn’t have the cheese sprinkled all over it, I would scraped his plate clean too!

Day 3? Good and good.
If only I didn’t have this annoying sore throat and stuffy nose. Stupid late work nights last weekend…

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