Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7. Day 7.

I am TIRED today. The first day back to work after being sick is always rough, and today is no exception for me. I didn't need a DayQuil, but I was just feeling really run-down and out of it.

However! My appetite is definitely back. I couldn't stop snacking all day! On the drive in between schools, I nibbled on Triscuits in the car. Back at K and D's I first ate an Amy's Vegan Black Bean Burrito for lunch.

Delicious! ...but it didn't stop after that. A few Kettle Chips here, and some pineapple slices there. A little while later I found some chips and salsa. Oh, and a few cherry tomatoes thrown in there too.

By the time dinner actually came around you would think I wouldn't even be hungry, but how could I not stuff myself with this amazing meal?

We all worked on this meal together: fresh baby artichokes, steamed and dipped in various sauces; tofurkey sausage, polenta and salad. YUM! The artichokes are from Pezzini Farms in Castroville. I stopped there the other day and got twelve for $1.00. That's right! A dozen artichokes for ONE DOLLAR!

These are the fresh artichokes growing right on the plant! Right where I parked my car! I could have picked them if I wanted, but I just went inside and bought the already picked ones.

After all the snacking and artichoke-a-rific dinner, I am finally full.

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