Friday, March 18, 2011

March 17. Day 17.

The Connecticut Whole Foods I went to for lunch must have been brand new. I haven't seen one yet that had special parking spots for "fuel efficient cars" or "carpool cars." The rest of us world-destroying-cars had to park way over on the other side of the parking lot and walk.

Anyway, then I get inside and at the salad bar I could use an actual bowl for my salad and save 15 cents off my entire purchase because I was saving a tree, or something, by not using the cardboard to-go box.

This salad bar was amazing! There was such a huge selection, I knew my salad was going to cost well over the $7.99 per pound. Oh well. I was starving and I haven't eaten a good big salad in a while.

Ten dollars and fifty-three cents later, this is what my delicious salad looked like:

There was some mixed green lettuce, eggplant, tomato, fennel, beet, edamame, quinoa, tofu, rice, roasted red peppers and mushrooms, onions, artichokes, and even a seaweed salad on top! Oh my goodness, it was the best salad ever!

The soup bar had a winters harvest soup that looked amazing, but I was really disappointed! It was very bland; tasted like nothing. But since I'm not one to waste what should be a good soup, I poured some salt, pepper and hot sauce on it, and tried to eat at least half of it. Sadly, the seasonings didn't even help it. Whole Foods -- that was not cool. Don't serve bland soup!

Finally, back at home with Mom and Dad, we had Mom's great home cooking: Enchilada's, Mexican rice, and salad. Mom made the enchilada's with green sauce instead of red, with refried beans and roasted veggies on the inside. The rice was her own recipe and had in it olives, swiss chard, green pepeprs, and corn. Exactly what I needed after a long week of traveling all over the Eastern Seaboard and eating on the go. SOOO good!

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