Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6. Day 6.

After several days of stuffy sinuses and not really the biggest appetite due to numbed taste-buds, I was craving something cold and smooth and sweet... like ice cream. Of course, I haven't had ice cream in probably 15 years because of my lactose intolerance. But that doesn't rule out popsicles, sorbet, or any of these amazing new frozen concoctions that are all over the health food stores. I'm especially a fan of Tofutti Cuties and was thinking that's what I'd splurge on today.

W and I went to Oliver's in Santa Rosa to find some healthy vegan snacks.

Oliver's claims to be "...a no-nonsense approach to great food and healthy living...with a large selection of both natural and conventional groceries, great local organic produce and a knowledgeable down-to-earth staff that understands good food doesn’t have to be expensive." Sounds like my kind of grocery store!

I grabbed my usual oranges, grapefruit, and apples; as well as a stockpile of larabars and Stonewall's Jurquee.

And then, I came to the frozen dessert section. This is when I passed over the usual raspberry sorbet and Tofutti Cuties for a much more intriguing option: Hemp Milk Ice Cream. I remember when I made smoothies with Hemp milk and it was delicious. They had yummy flavors like chocolate fudge and mint chip, and my mouth started salivating. I grabbed the mint chip and dug into it as soon as I got back to K and D's house. Needless to say, it was everything I dreamed it would be: smooth, creamy, sweet and cold! Now, if you're a real ice cream fan, I'm sure it would be difficult to switch over, but since I haven't had the stuff in FOREVER, the hemp milk kind is perfect for me. I advise you to try some asap.

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