Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 11. Day 11.

First of all, it's really annoying to have a three hour delay at the airport when all you want to do is get home and have some good veggie cooking by Mom. Second of all, airport food is ridiculously expensive; and as we have discussed before, there are slim to no vegan options in airports. However, here is my airport vegan eating guide for the A gates in SFO airport:

Before we even knew our flight was delayed we had to get something to eat for breakfast and find something for lunch to save for the plane. This was an interesting endeavor since the restaurant choices in this section of the airport are seriously lacking.

The only option I found was a pizza place (Firewood Cafe) and ordered a mushroom pizza with no cheese to eat right away and a garden salad for the plane. The pizza actually wasn't that bad! I mean, it wasn't exactly what I wanted to eat for breakfast, but I was starving and it was going to have to do. In a pinch, you can always order a veggie pizza, no cheese. I feel like I've been eating those a lot lately...

On the plane finally (four hours later!) I had the salad, accompanied by some pretzels I had previously purchased for the trip. Some tomato juice completed that meal. W had bought a sandwich, and he shared my pretzels. By the time we finally got to Mom and Dad's house I was starving for a real meal. Mom of course had saved supper on the stove for us -- homemade vegetable soup and garlic bread! It's so wonderful to be home in a veggie-lover house.

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