Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 4. Day 4.

Breakfast at French restaurant in South Park, San Francisco.

The menu said "the cheapest round trip ticket to Paris. I agree. I felt like
I was eating in a Parisian cafe, with the tiny round tables and wicker chairs and everything!

W got eggs benadict, I got the banana and honey crepe. I’m pretty sure the crepe batter is made with eggs and milk -- definitely not Vegan...but you know what, we’re going to let that one slide for now. Because, I just went to Paris and back for breakfast. And that's that.

Lunch at “Local.” W and I shared a thin crust pizza, garlic, basil, artichokes, no cheese. It was good, but I was really craving a huge bowl of steaming soup for my sicky brain and scratchy throat. Starting to really feel sick now.

Dinner at Aunt K and Uncle D’s. Pasta and roasted veggies. Brussell sprouts, tomatoes, and cauliflower. Yum. Full blown cold virus has taken over now. Good night.

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